Chocolate Labrador Stud Service

If you are looking to breed your bitch, our chocolate Labrador retriever stud service is known for its successes in producing quality litters. Our professional breeders at Hidden Pond Labradors are very knowledgeable about our stud dogs and will make sure that you receive the highest quality semen to produce a healthy litter of chocolate Lab puppies. We strive to bring you the best genetics available.

Our stud dog, Grand Champion “George,” “Glacierridge’s King of Country,” is part of a long pedigree of champions. He was sired by the Grand Champion Epoch’s Moccasin Joe. He has been tested to ensure that your future litter of puppies will inherit exceptional genetics. George has a rich chocolate coat and is strongly built with a pleasant temperament, making him a sound representative of the Labrador breed. He is OFA good for hips, normal for elbows and features exceptionally good looks. He is EIC, HPNK, PRA, DM, and CVM clear. These attributes are essential to increase the potential for your bitch to produce a litter of puppies with those same winning characteristics, in addition to a pure chocolate coat.

Our stud service at Hidden Pond Labradors excels in both efficiency and accuracy whether you utilize the “side by side” breeding method or choose to have chilled semen shipped to you. We ensure proper insemination due to the accurate timing of ovulation with progesterone tests and have achieved success in providing bitch owners with semen of good quality to produce a litter of chocolate Lab puppies.

We carefully collect the semen of our stud dogs and analyze it thoroughly to determine its fitness for use in producing a litter of puppies with your bitch. If side by side breeding is not selected, our team at Hidden Ponds will use an extender and properly chilled containers to ship the semen to you safely and securely.

George’s stud service is $1500.00 prior to shipment. You are guaranteed at least two live puppies. If two puppies are not born you will Be entitled to a second breeding with no additional stud fee. You can choose to pay a 300.00 service fee. If you don’t get at least two live puppies no additional fee is due. However, you will not be entitled to a second breeding at no cost. The remaining $1200.00 is due within seven days of the date of birth of the litter. Shipping and container fees are at your expense under all situations. Utilize our knowledgeable breeders and our Grand Champion George to produce your litter. Call us at 607-857-1461 today to learn more about our chocolate Labrador retriever stud service.