Frequently Asked Questions

If there is a question you have that is not answered below, please feel free to call us today 607-857-1461!


Q. I don’t want to show my dogs, why do I care if they have a title?

A. – to become a champion or grand champion that means that many experts have looked at the dog, and decided that this dog represents the best way a lab should be built. If a dog is built right they have a better chance at a long and healthy life.


Q. Are they registered with the AKC?

A. All of our dogs are registered with the AKC. Your Puppy will be able to be registered with the AKC as limited registration.



Q. Are our Dogs English or American Style?

A. The AKC does not recognize these differences, but our dogs are all English. The exception would be our search and rescue dogs.



Q. What colors do you have?

A. We have black, yellow and chocolate Labradors. We do not have charcoal, champagne or silver labs as these colors are no recognized by the AKC.



Q. What health clearances do you have?

A. All of our dogs have passed their OFA hips and elbows. We do 160 Genetic Test, all of our stud dogs are clear on all 160 tests and our goal is to have all of our Bitches clear on all 160 tests.



Q. What is the most important characteristics of your dogs?

A. While trophies and ribbons are great, if the dog doesn’t have the tail wagging, body wiggling, face licking personality they have no place here. The acceptation would be or search and rescue dogs, who require different traits.



Q. Where are your dogs raised?

A. All of our puppies are raised in our house. They whelp in our bedroom.



Q. Do you have a health warranty?

A. our dogs come with a 1 year written health warranty, Against genetic and congenital defects



Q. how long have you been doing this?

A. we have been raising puppies for 10 yeas as of 2019.



Q. Who is involved in your business?

A. we are a family, David, Adam and Pattie, we raise all our dogs ourselves. David has a bachelor’s degree in animal science and agricultural engineering.