Hidden Pond Labradors: Premium Labrador Stud Service

Hidden Pond Labradors is your go-to destination for premium Labrador stud services. As passionate dog lovers and dedicated breeders, we take great pride in offering a licensed and inspected dog kennel that specializes in breeding healthy yellow, black and chocolate Labs. With a strong focus on maintaining the breed’s health and success, we have carefully selected top-tier stud dogs to ensure the production of exceptional Labrador puppies. Let us introduce you to some of our incredible stud dogs who have achieved Grand Champion status.

Meet Our Grand Champion Stud Dogs

George: “Glacierridge’s King of Country”

We are thrilled to welcome our newest stud dog, George, to Hidden Pond. George is a Grand Champion Labrador Retriever with an impressive lineage. Sired by the Grand Champion Epoch’s Moccasine Joe and the champion Glacierridge Tabatha’s Aggy, he comes from a long line of grand champions from renowned kennels across the country. Beyond his excellent good looks, George possesses a wonderful personality that brings joy to everyone here at Hidden Pond. He is OFA good for hips and normal for elbows, and clear on numerous genetic tests, making him a prime candidate for stud service.

Thunder: “Windswept Thunderstorm at Chinar”

Our newest Grand Champion, Thunder, is a delightful and playful dog with both charm and good looks. With an excellent pedigree, Thunder has completed his Grand Championship title under the skilled handling of Dawn Meith from Mocha Labs. He is OFA Excellent for hips and normal for elbows, and clear for various genetic tests. We extend our gratitude to Dawn Meith for her efforts in finishing Thunder’s Grand Champion title. Approved bitches are welcome to utilize Thunder’s stud service.

Expresso, Apollo, and Dany

Expresso, a distinguished American and Canadian Grand Champion from Labradale Kennel in Canada, has been a valued stud in our breeding program. He has produced many beautiful puppies, including our own Duchess, Alexa, Coco, and Lydia.

We also remember Apollo, a beloved stud dog who recently passed away. Apollo will be greatly missed but never forgotten for his contributions to our breeding program.

Dany, another American and Canadian Grand Champion from Labradale Kennel, has made beautiful puppies with our dog Maria. His exceptional bloodline and genetic traits have been instrumental in our breeding endeavors.

Our Commitment to Health and Quality

At Hidden Pond Labradors, we believe in upholding a higher standard for our dogs and the Labrador Retriever breed as a whole. That’s why all our Grand Champion Labrador studs have undergone extensive testing and health screenings, passing with flying colors. We work tirelessly to raise healthy dogs with the best traits. For example, we go the extra mile by using the PennHIP test to assess the risk of hip dysplasia, enabling us to proactively address any concerns.

Our Grand Champion Labrador Stud Services

Hidden Pond Labradors breeds and raises black, chocolate, and yellow Grand Champion Labrador Retrievers for our stud service. Our studs can have yellow, black and chocolate puppies. We offer an AKC-certified pedigree Labrador Retriever stud service to meet the needs of breeders nationwide. Our stud services are fast, affordable, and guaranteed to produce premium quality Lab puppies when used with approved females.

We collect the semen from our stud dogs, which can be used for side-by-side breeding or chilled and shipped anywhere in the nation. Please note that we do not offer natural penetrative breeding for our stud service.

To learn more about our exceptional Grand Champion Labrador studs and their biographies, get in touch with us today by calling 607-857-1461 or emailing us at david@hiddenpondlabradors.com.