Our Labrador Retriever Puppies

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We have one black female puppies available to that will go home on April 13th.

We have three female chocolate puppies available that will go home April 26th.

We have yellow four male puppies available that will go home June 1st.

Updated 04/10/24

Yellow, Chocolate & Black Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale

There aren’t many things in the world that can compare to the feeling of coming home at the end of a long day to be greeted by an adorable smiling face, eager to give you love and affection upon your arrival. When you own a dog, that’s what you can expect every single day. Not to mention the unwavering loyalty, endless joy and fun, and comforting companionship. But if you’re going to spend the time, energy, and money to raise a puppy and provide a happy and healthy life for it, you want that life to be as long as possible.

At Hidden Pond Labradors, our goal is to breed Labrador Retriever puppies of exceptional health, pedigree, appearance, and personality. We strive for these qualities not just so our puppies can win championships, but so they will be around to love you and make you smile for as long as possible!

Yellow, Chocolate & Black Labrador Retriever Puppy Breeder

We want the best for every puppy bred here at Hidden Pond Labradors, as well as for the Labrador Retriever breed as a whole. Our background in animal science and agricultural engineering allows us to go above and beyond the current breed standards with our puppies. We produce litters that contribute to the quality and purity of their breed now and in the future, so that the Labs people have as pets and show dogs generations from now are healthy, happy, and loving dogs.

All of the genetic tests we have performed on our dogs—over 160 in total—are not only to evaluate their health as it is now, but also to help us predict and preserve their health down the line and keep their lineage pure. We go the extra mile because we know it is the best thing we can do for our Labradors and yours.

Our puppies come with a written one-year health warranty, first shots, veterinarian health certificate, and a lifetime placement warranty.

Labrador Retriever puppies at Hidden Pond Labradors are raised right in our home as a part of our family.

Our puppies are raised in whelping boxes, often placed right in our own bedroom, made with high-grade, animal-safe HDPE plastic. We do not keep them in kennels, but let them play and explore in the large, fenced-in yards on our 87-acre Finger Lakes property—complete with a large refreshing pond for swimming).

The love and individual care we provide from the moment they’re born until they leave for their forever homes allow them to grow into sociable, trainable, and affectionate Labs. We even select our mothers and studs for breeding based on their affectionate, outgoing, and positive personalities.

Do you want to welcome a premium yellow, chocolate, or black Labrador Retriever puppy into your family? Get in touch with Hidden Pond Labradors today to reserve your new best friend from our next litter!

Updated on 02/08/21

The puppies below are from previous litters.