Yellow Labrador Stud Service

At Hidden Pond Labradors, we provide exceptional Certified Pedigree Yellow Labrador Retriever Stud Services to approved bitches. Our professional services are offered in either “side by side” breeding, with your bitch present during her heat cycle or as a shipment of properly chilled semen from our stud dog to produce a litter of quality yellow Lab puppies.


A sound temperament, winning personality, and certified pedigree are required in our yellow stud Labs at Hidden Pond Labradors. These essential requirements prove to be beneficial in the breeding process and increase the likelihood that your bitch will produce a litter of puppies that reflect those same attributes of our stud dog, including a beautiful yellow coat. Our top-notch studs come from a long line of champions and are thoroughly tested for genetic faults and illnesses.


We have found success in our yellow Labrador stud services due to our proper insemination process of the bitch. We use progesterone tests to ensure accurate timing of breeding during ovulation and we also evaluate the semen to determine its fitness to produce puppies after collection. If you choose to have the semen shipped, our breeding experts at Hidden Pond have the knowledge and supplies necessary to properly package our quality semen using an extender and appropriately chilled containers, guaranteeing the viability of the semen during shipment.


There is a stud fee of $1200.00 prior to shipping the semen, or you can opt to pay a $300.00 service fee prior to shipment and pay the remaining $900.00 within seven days of the litter’s date of birth. Contact us today if you are interested in Hidden Pond’s yellow Labrador retriever stud service.






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