Chocolate Labrador Retrievers

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Breeder

Way back in the 16th century, somebody in Newfoundland bred their province’s namesake dog with a smaller water dog. It quickly became clear that this new dog, at the time called the St. John’s Water Dog, was a phenomenal working water dog. Then, in the 19th century, visiting Englishmen took note of these incredible dogs, brought them home to England, and soon perfected and standardized the breed—which had now been dubbed the Labrador Retriever.

When they began as the St. John’s Water Dog, the most common coat color for a Labrador was black (thanks to its dominant genes). While this is still true today, the recessive colors of yellow and chocolate have become more and more coveted by those seeking Labs as pets. Thanks to years of breeding efforts, those recessive colors are not as difficult to find as they once were.

Here at Hidden Pond Labradors, we breed black, yellow, and chocolate Labrador puppies that are a step above what you’ll find anywhere else!

*We do not breed Labrador Retriever puppies in the following unrecognized colors: champagne, silver, or charcoal.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale

Chocolate Labs are a favorite among those looking to add a member of the breed to their family. Coat shades can range from a warm, light brown to a deeper chocolate color. Both parents must carry and pass on the recessive chocolate color gene in order for a puppy to be born with this coat.

Just like their black and yellow counterparts, chocolate Labrador Retrievers are known as doting and capable dogs. You can put them to work as hunting or service dogs, but they make excellent cuddle buddies as well. Their beautiful coats and breed stature make them great show dogs too. Chocolate Labs have been known to carry a little extra weight, so it’s important to channel their naturally energy levels and keep them active with plenty of walks and play.

The chocolate lab puppies we breed for sale at Hidden Pond Labradors come with their first round of shots, one-year written health guarantee, and a veterinarian health certificate. We are dedicated to breeding our puppies for premier health and pedigree, as well as raising them in our home so their personalities and happiness can blossom.

Experience the love, joy, and comfort this amazing breed has to offer with a chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy of your own from Hidden Pond Labradors. Give us a call at 607-857-1461 or message us online to inquire about our available and upcoming Lab puppies!