Lab Breeder Reviews

Jackson Flash

Jackson Flash, from the Rosie and George lifter is just over 3 months now and we all have adjusted to one another beautifully! Jackson is now following simple commands such as sit, stay, lay down and come! We are working on speak and paw! He loves the cooling temps and he especially loved our weekend in the ADK. We couldn’t be happier with Hidden Pond Labs. Jackson is truly a beautiful dog and we get compliments constantly since we started taking him places with us. Dads new fishing buddy

Kristin Scheda

Luna Rose

Luna is 2 1/2 years old and beautiful. She is a favorite with the grandchildren and anyone who Mets her on her walks. She is playful and a wonderful addition to our family. Her coat is stunning, her vet loves her.

Colleen Pallotta


Haley is almost 4 months old,
healthy and happy.
So playful. She is fun to train with, she just loves to learn. She has taken her spot at the center of the family 🙂
We’re very thankful for her great start at Hidden Pond ~
She’s beautiful.

Rick and Mary Costa


A pup bred from Maria and Blake – Seamus brings energy, laughter, and love to our lives. His ability to listen and be trained so quickly makes it easy to trust him with our whole home – and he just turned a year old! We got him Memorial Day Weekend 2017. We will definitely be back in the future for more Hidden Ponds pups!!

The Walsh Family


Hidden Pond Labradors

Rudy is so funny and a great friend he loves snuggling and butt rub his parents are Nala and Danny born May 23 2016

If any brothers or sisters want to get in touch that is great

Elizabeth Wiese


Labrador Retriever Breeder

Boog is a pup from the Coco and Blake litter in August of 2016 and we couldn’t be happier. He is smart, handsome, and a giant snuggly lap dog. His abillity to learn quickly has made him a superb hunting buddy for my husband. He is a treasure.

Chessa Cutaiar

Buckeye and Scarlett

Hi Dave,

Bucky and Scarlett had a great fall season upland hunting! Both dogs have been great in the field and in our home! Thanks again for two great dogs!

Scott Barker


Hi Dave, just wanted to send an update. Bella has just turned two and has decided that she too loves to hunt. She has lots of energy and loves everyone! We just can’t say enough about how wonderful these labs are, Thanks again!



Hi Dave, just wanted to send you another update. Bentley recently turned two years old and is doing amazing. He is a natural hunter and always aims to please. He is a great big brother to Bella and an amazing protector for his little humans. Thanks again!



Hey Dave! Hope everyone is doing great. Just wanted to tell you what a handsome and sweet boy Charlie is. It will be a year in October since we picked up Charlie from Hannah and Expresso’s litter. Charlie has been a great puppy and is becoming a wonderful young man. He’s always happy, ready to play, and ready to give kisses. He has been the perfect addition to our family and always makes us laugh. His personality and temperament has made these past 10 months amazing. He’s such a smart pup, which made training a breeze. Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect puppy for my family!!!

Cynthia Mejia


We got hunter in June from your Teak x Expresso litter and we can’t thank you enough he is a wonderful dog who is full of energy! He was very easy to housetrain and loves to learn new tricks. Thank you so much!!



We just love our boy, Hal! We got him in October ’15 and he has the sweetest temperament. We hope to get a friend for him in the spring so we’ll be in touch. Thanks Dave!

Ron and Kristin Van Ormer


Dave, Here is a recent picture of Charlie (he is from Sandy and Thor’s June 2016 litter). He is a wonderful addition to our family. He is so smart and playful. He will be graduating from Obedience class next week and he is doing very well with his training. Thanks again for such a wonderful pup!

Terri Balzer


Hi Dave, just wanted to give you a quick update on Thor. He is from Cocos litter in February 2016,and I cant say enough about his personality and looks. He loves nothing more then to please and hunt. Hes about 10 months and full of drive to hunt and play. Thank you guys so much.

James Wipperman


Hi Dave, Just thought you would like to see an recent photo of Ava. She’s 10 months old now and is the perfect dog. She is so smart and trained easily. She is independent and steady. And that face!! We couldn’t be happier with her. Thank you!

Regina Barnas

Buckeye and Scarlett

Buckeye and Scarlett turn 10 months old this week and are doing great! They both are loving dogs as part of our family but have the drive and instincts to be great hunters! We have the best of both worlds! Thanks again! Scott and Julie Barker

Scott Barker


Stella is a wonderful addition to our family. She is so beautiful and has a wonderful personality. She is lovable but enjoys her independence. She loves being outside with her best friend Rue (Shih-poo).We can’t begin to thank Dave for the care, and attention he gives to all his labs. Thank you for our Stella!

Michael & Alberta Schiavo


I had got Tiko in April 2016 from Coco’s February liter. Tiko is now 8 months old and one of the best looking labs I have ever owned. Tiko has an incredible nose and instinct to hunt. He is currently going off to work with a professional gun dog trainer in PA. I can’t say enough about his temperament and personality. Thank you dave for a great pup!

Jerry Chasteen


Hi Dave, Madchen has been a great addition to our family. She has a great personality. She LOVES swimming and walking in the woods. She babysits the grandkids and they love her. Thanks for allowing us to adopt her.

Wayne Teeter


Hi David, My family and I adopted Lulu back in April 2016 ( Maria’s litter). She is a wonderful and smart dog. Lulu has been a wonderful addition to my family. She just finished level 1 of puppy training and was the smartest dog in class. Thank you so much for raising wonderful puppies. Karen



We got Stella from the July 2015 litter of Duchess and Thor. She is a wonderful girl, smart and easy going! Couldn’t ask for better temperament. She has taken to swimming like a pro. She is a fabulous addition to our family!

The Gleason Family


Hi Dave, I had to write to let you know that Ava is just wonderful. She is so smart and absolutely beautiful. She is a perfect fit for us and gets along great with our other dog. People stop me to look at her. She is growing fast and we are enjoying everyday with her. Thank you so much!!

Regina Barnas

Bentley & Bella

Just wanted to send you a quick update to let you know how the babies are doing. They have two weeks left of their first training class and they are doing great! Bella is finally staying awake for the whole class and Bentley is calming right down. Bella is a cuddler and prefers to be inside sitting on the couch with Haleigh or reading books with Wesley. Bentley loves to be outside running around and playing with sticks. We get compliments on them ALL THE TIME so your name comes up quite often! We forgot how much work puppies are but they are doing great and they have become best buds!



We bought a chocolate lab from you, we named him Chester… Just wanted to let you guys know, he’s turned into a handsome young man, and gets along tremendously with Daisy, our 200 pound mastiff female. They are inseparable and could not be better friends. Thanks so much



Healthy Black Lab Pup

Hope you are well. I just wanted to give you an update on Beaux, the black lab we adopted from you back in October. Well, she’s thriving and she’s been a wonderful addition to the family. She’s very good natured and sweet. Very bright and full of puppy mischief – likes to steal socks out of the laundry basket, or off your feet if you’re not paying attention! Here’s a some photos of her over the last few months.