Best Chocolate, Black & Yellow Lab Breeders

Breeding chocolate, black, and yellow labs is more than a hobby for us – it’s a passion and a calling. And it warms our hearts to know that the love we put into our work is appreciated by the families who bring our puppies home.

Testimonials that Speak to our Dedication

Scanning through our testimonial page, you’ll find a common theme: happy families and healthy pups. The stories and pictures we’ve received from our extended family—those who’ve taken our pups into their homes—are the best testament to the quality of our breeding program.

One glowing review after another praises the health, temperament, and longevity of our dogs, which brings us tremendous pride.

The Quality of Our Labs

We put a great deal of time, love, and scientific knowledge into each litter we produce. Our labs aren’t just beautiful—they’re the picture of health and vitality, bred from the highest quality grand champions. It’s not unusual for our puppies to live long, happy lives, enriching the homes they go to with their joyful energy and loving companionship.

Each pup we send off to a new home is microchipped, vet-checked, and given their first shots. They come with a one-year written health warranty and are eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club.

Our Commitment to the Dogs We Love

Beyond breeding, we are committed to ensuring that our labs lead fulfilling lives. Our pups enjoy an open, nurturing environment that supports their growth and well-being. We also back them with a lifetime placement warranty, ensuring they never end up in a pound.

We strive to uphold the highest standards of care, holding ourselves accountable with annual veterinary inspections. It’s this commitment to quality that sets us apart and allows us to provide families with Labs they can love for a lifetime.

Check out the reviews on our page and contact us with any questions.

Commander Cody

Working with Hidden Pond Kennel was a wonderful experience. From our first phone call to inquire about their puppies to information for pick up day and what to do to start our puppy off on the right foot, Dave and his family instilled confidence in their breeding practices. The lineage of their litters is impressive but more important it is clear that they are in this for the love of dogs and creating lifelong best friends and family members. Cody is aleady showing herself to be smart, loving and eager to please (and eat 😉 We could not love her more!

Jennifer and Jeff Salvage


We wrote a testimonial just after getting Daisy when she was only a couple months old, saying what a wonderful puppy she was. Daisy is now almost 4 years old and she just keeps getting better everyday!!! She is absolutely gorgeous, just the right size, full of energy, and still loves to cuddle up and nap on my lap! She is incredibly intelligent and understands just about everything we say to her or ask her to do! We’re now beginning to plan getting Daisy a little sister from Hidden Pond Labradors!!!

Marilyn Morey


We love our Suzy! She is a little over 2 years old (born 10/21/21) and is the best addition to our lives. She is the sweetest dog – never met a person or dog (even cat!) that she doesn’t love. I’ve had labs my whole life but Suzy’s temperament is unmatched. Thank you Hidden Pond Labs!

Anna Pepe


Quincy is 15 months now, he is what every English should be, healthy, sweet, smart (extremely), and handsome!
Love, Love, Love.

Carol Smith


This is a follow up. Charlie is 2 years old now. With training, he has become the best of the best. Healthy and loving. So happy. Looking to use this breeder again when ready to have another lab.

Debbie stewart


Sending a recent pic of our 3.5 years old Angus (Annie & George). He’s a beautiful beautiful boy with a lot of confidence, loyalty and intelligence. We adore him.

Sue & Steve Martin

Willow and Tiller

David you certainly are just an awesome breeder! We couldn’t be happier with our pups.Thank goodness for you!

Mary Bauer


We have had our sweet black lab Reuben for a month now and we are so in love! Reuben is an energetic sweetheart, so playful and intelligent, and he loves meeting new people. He learns commands so fast and he has quickly become a cherished family member! We are so glad that we found Hidden Pond Kennels. Thank you Dave!!!

Clara Marchese


Lily was born in July 2022. She is a complete joy, and we feel so lucky that we found her at Hidden Pond.

Anne Herzog


Augie turns 1 today! We picked him up from HPL in June of 2022. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family! Thank you Dave….we were lucky to find you! Pic attached at age 1 with his favorite frisbee.

Brad Hemingway


My lab is now 14 months old and I am very happy with my beautiful pup. He is loving and sweet. Charlie has been a blessing in our home.

Debbie Stewart


Chloe is everything we could hope for and so much more. She has the best disposition and is very smart and easy to train. BTW her backside wiggles when she walks as advertised. Dave and his family made the process easy.

Justin Pendergrast


Chip is 18 months old and he is the most handsome dog. People stop us all the time and ask where he is from. Obviously we are proud to say Hidden Pond Labradors. He is gentle, funny, silly, smart, sweet, naughty and loyal to all.
He is by far the best dog we’ve ever had. Thank you Dave.

Ginger Reid


Hidden Pond Kennels stands behind their words when they say “selling happiness one puppy at a time”. We added Spanky to our family 3 months ago and he has captured our hearts. I find myself waking up early to play with him. He’s as smart as can be and very much motivated to learn. He loves hikes, swimming and fetch. Our trail walks are off leash and he understood, obeyed and mastered it immediately, always checking on me to see if I’m ok. Spanky is friendly, athletic and a blessing. He also never met a meal that he didn’t like so he fits right in. I don’t think it’s possible to love him more than we do. Everyone who sees him has to pet him and hug him. For us he is the best part of our day. I recently retired and he certainly has become my best friend. Everything Dave said was 100% accurate. We all can’t thank Hidden Pond Kennels enough for bringing Spanky into our lives. He is our little rascal. For us Hidden Pond Kennels was the right choice and it should be everyone’s only choice.

Scott Madalon


Lottie has brought us so much joy!!! She’s affectionate, smart and very friendly with people and other dogs. Thank you Dave & Hidden Ponds for picking the best pup for us. She really is such a cutie and we love having her in the family.

Elizabeth Burke McTiernan

Luna and George

We were so happy with Luna, our yellow lab, we bought a black lab and named him George about 2 years later. The dogs are such great pets, companions and family members. Our neighbors even went to Hidden Pond for their yellow lab. The dogs are healthy, well tempered and well behaved. I found them very easy to train. Highly recommended

John and Deirdre Tachine


Kya ???? born 12/31/2020. Gotcha day 2/27/2021 Kya was a tiny 12lb little girl that has grown into a 58lb perfect size girl. She is beautiful smart and sassy. She has little to no fear of anything been thru training and knows all of her commands. She loves people car rides and giving kisses among many other things. And true to form she is food driven, as all my labs have been.

Cheryl C

Willow and Tiller

Thank you David for all the joy you have given us. We love our beautiful dogs!

Mary Bauer, Ryan Messina


This is Cody at 16 months. He is just perfect! My vet said he has never seen a better put together Lab. He is the hit of our community and has to say hello to everyone he meets. Hidden Ponds is just the best place to purchase a Lab . David is so kind and informative. His dogs are gorgeous and well mannered. They treat their dogs with kindness and it shows. They are smart, their costs are beautiful! You’ll never go wrong. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2022!❤️

Eileen Sawits


Griffin is two years old and we adore him! He has a great personality and is wonderful with the kids! He is 100 lbs and thinks he is a lap dog. We would definitely buy from Dave again!!

Monica Powers


My family has been wanting to thank you and your family & share pictures of our beautiful pup, Lindie. She’s now 5 and reminds me so much of her mom, Teak; especially when she rests her head on my knee & looks up with her sweet kind eyes. Lindie is an incredible athlete, as you can see by the photo. She’s been a certified therapy dog for 4 years and goes to school with me several days a week. Lindie also volunteers at our local hospital in Glens Falls, NY comforting anyone that needs fur therapy! She is an amazing ambassador for the Labrador breed!
Thank you!

Cheryl Nolin


Baxter is now 1 1/2 years old and is a smart ,athletic, and loving boy . He hiked his first mountains this weekend in the Adirondacks. He is such a wonderful addition to our family and we will be back for a companion for him next year .

Laurie Siegner


Bentley is almost 4 years old and is absolutely amazing! He’s come to horse barns, goes on boats, likes to float in the pool, and has never met a stranger! I’m so happy I found Hidden Pond and will happily recommend them to anyone!

Brianna Carillo


I picked Ruthie (Louise X Thunder) up in October 2020, and she turns a year old today! She is the happiest, cuddliest, wiggliest ball of fur, and I love her more than I can say. She is super smart, very curious, and a little mischievous. I’m hoping to train her as a service dog going forward. She has already learned to walk very well with my wheelchair.

Oh, and she’s gorgeous, of course.

Thank you, Hidden Pond!

Laurence Coderre


“Harper” has brought much joy back to our home. At 9weeks she has accomplished stairs,swimming learned to sit and give paw. Play time and eating remain #1 LOL but,she is full of kisses and love all the time too.
Thank you Dave & Hidden Ponds for making this house a home again with “HARPER BELLA”????


Rhett & Montison

I have now had two dogs through Hidden Pond Kennels and I will never trust another breeder like I do them! My sweet service dog, Rhett, came home in October of 2020 and has been the biggest blessing in my life. He is not only a perfect family dog but the most spectacular working dog I’ve ever met. This breeder not only breeds for confirmation and health but for perfect personality and temperament. They are perfect in every sense of the term responsible breeder. I cannot imagine life without my Labs. And not to mention how welcoming everyone was when we went to pick Rhett up. They even let me meet my old dog, Montison’s, parents. I could have cried from the genuine kindness and sympathy they shared over my guy’s passing. They care about each puppy they welcome into their home. And they strongly support several forms of care to keep the puppies happy and healthy in their new homes like food and supplements! I cannot thank them enough or recommend them enough!!

Savannah Stevens


Chip is a crazy, funny, lovable gem. He is the most gorgeous dog. He has the most regal head. Everyone who sees him stops to tell us what a handsome dog he is. Thank you to Hidden Pond for letting him be ours.

Ginger Reid


We love our Mae! We picked her up in early July 2020, and she made our family complete! She is such an amazing dog: sweet, gentle, loving, and playful. It is wonderful to see how much she loves our three young boys. She couldn’t be more obedient. We love how much she loves being outside – especially swimming and playing in the snow. Thank you Dave and your family for bringing her into our lives. She is a gift ❤️

Elizabeth Stacom


We picked Gracie up in January of 2020! She was exactly what our family needed to be complete. She is the sweetest, spunkiest and most wonderful dog we could have asked for. She has made our family complete and we are grateful for her everyday ♥️

Jillian LaBella


Cody is 8 months old , April 5 , 2021. We picked him up this past September. He is a joy, fully housebroken, and so very funny. Everyone who meets him always comment on how handsome he is. He is really beginning to look like his dad, Thunder. He loves walking and meeting all his dog friends in our community. Thanks, David, for this wonderful dog! He has made our house a home again!!❤️

Eileen Sawits


Charlotte is now 2 1/2. She is the most adorable, loving, smart dog we’ve ever had. She brings so much joy to our home. So happy we found Dave’s kennel.

George Posner


We picked up Scout in October 2020 and she has been a source of delight! She is loyal, smart and a lot of fun. She loves going on walks or long hikes in the woods and is a big snuggler in the house. Scout has a very sweet disposition and people comment on what a beautiful girl she is. She enjoys people and dogs of all ages. Thank you Dave, we are enjoying every day with one of your Hidden Pond pups!

Courtney Hundley


This Lab is truly a best friend to everyone that comes his way. Very kind and affectionate. Raemo is now 6 months old and is great with the family, friends and the neighborhood. He is great with other dogs too! David and his Labs are simply the best and worth the wait!

Rob Amurao


We got Daisy in June 2020, but Dave introduced us to her the day she was born; it was love at first sight!!! Dave kept us updated with pictures and short videos as we anxiously awaited the day we could pick her up. She has been an absolute joy in our lives! She is incredibly smart, a sweetheart along with being an active puppy. She was swimming at 10 weeks with our other dogs. We can’t wait for this summer when she can really enjoy the water. She is now 10 months old; everyone she meets loves her. She is such a good we, we often say, we don’t deserve her! Thank you, Dave, for such an awesome new family member!!!

Marilyn Morey


Mabel is 6 months and we thank you for this blessing. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We love going on adventures with our little girl. We get so many compliments on how beautiful she is and we can’t thank you enough. She is so sweet, kind, and funny, and don’t know what we would do without her. We are so grateful we found you guys and can’t wait for more adventures with Mabel!

Highly recommend and reasonable pricing!

The Lambert Family


We adopted Hudson is May of 2017, He is 3.5 years old and is the most loving Labrador. He has an amazing temperament, his favorite activities are long walks and swimming !

Marlana Broderick


Chip is the best dog we have ever had. He is funny, silly, smart and so handsome. We can’t say enough times how grateful we are to have found Hidden Pond Labradors.
We get stopped on the street every 5 feet. Everyone asks where he is from and tells us how gorgeous he is. Thank you Dave.
P.S. This photo is with his sister Cocoa. Chip on the left Cocoa on the right.

Alexander Reid

Lady Tullamore of County Antrim (Tullie)

We picked up Tullie Oct 12th 2020
She 5mths old now an what a joy . She has such a great personality. Gets along so well with the grandkids ,and so adaptable she took to the crate and house breaking so easily . Accepts new experiences so calmly. Dave has been great to work with a fountain of info . We also went with the dog food he recommended an love the results that we switched our cat to it as well. Thank you Dave we couldn’t be happier

Liz Halliday

Grace (Gracie)

Gracie turned 2 in September, 2020-we have her two years in November, 2020. She is the most beautiful, sweet tempered, smart lab. We could not be happier having her as part of our family.

Susan klein


Thank you David and Familie for our most precious Charlie. He is a wonderful family addition and we couldn’t be more happy to see him thrive.

Romy Ziegler


Mans best friend, that he is . One great dog,

Kurt semmel


We have had the most incredible experience with Hidden Pond Labradors. Dave is so knowledgeable and kind. Our 9 week old Chocolate Lab named Chip is better then we ever dreamed. He is smart, funny, cute and so lovable. Thanks for making our family so happy.

Ginger Reid


Such a smart and beautiful dog! We got Bella in January 2020.

Elena Unishchikova


Our Maggie is fantastic! She has a great personality and a beautiful coat unlike any lab we have had before. She is from Charlottes first litter and is almost white in color and her tail and hocks are thick and wavy. We love her to pieces!

Great experience with Hidden Pond friendly, knowledgeable and breed great dogs

Megan Gill


We had a great experience with getting our little Mango. David was extremely informative and responsive, and sent us updates and videos of our puppy every week. Additionally, the extensive health testing that is performed on the adult dogs and the puppies gives us peace of mind, and was one of the reasons we chose Hidden Pond in the first place. Mango is a wonderful addition to our family – she is loving, active, playful, and smart. SUCH a wonderful little pup! Highly recommend Hidden Pond!! 🙂

Anastasiya Kryukova


We picked up Ozzy on September 27, 2020. He is the sweetest, smartest little guy … only nine weeks and already knows sit, down and stay. We are so grateful for the care, support and guidance we received (and continue to receive!) from Dave as we acclimate our puppy to his new surroundings. From puppy food to pet insurance, Hidden Pond leaves no question unanswered. Thank you!!
-The Podstupka Family
Mineola, NY

Sharon Podstupka


We are truly so fortunate to have found Hidden Pond Kennel! Even before Odin was born, they gave us updates on the progress of the mama, when she was due, photos etc. When Odin and his littermates were born, they called & sent weekly updates of the puppies. He was so helpful every step of the way and gave us so much reassurance. When we finally picked up our pup, we sat down for an hour and they thoroughly explained everything to us. Hidden Pond Kennel truly cares about their dogs and the homes they are going to! Til this day, they keep in touch to see how the puppy is doing & still answer any questions we have. We are truly impressed with the entire experience we’ve had with Hidden Pond Kennel I cannot say it enough. We are so lucky to have such an amazing, healthy perfect puppy all thanks to them. Highly recommend this breeder and I can’t wait to get another puppy from them someday!

Kailene Jones


We got a puppy in January 2020. Very smart and beautiful dog!!
Thank you!

Elena Unishchikova


Hidden Pond Labradors

We got our Sam in December of 2019, and he is one of the best tempered dogs I have ever met. He is currently in training to be my service dog, and has passed every milestone months before other dogs his age. He has never met a dog (or cat) he didn’t love, gets along well with all ages, and has the perfect blend of energy and cuddles. He is healthy, obedient, loyal, goofy, and everything else you could dream of in a dog. Every chance I can I recommend Hidden Pond Labs to people considering a new fur friend. Thank you guys again for our new best friend.

Molly Buckley


Labrador Retriever Breeder

By far the best dog we’ve ever had. Beautiful, smart, trainable and loyal. Our hats off to the folks folks at Hiddon Pond. They have many years of knowledge and there dogs show it. Thank you for our new family member Cassidy.
The Marshalls

Scott Marshall


We picked up our Macy girl a month ago, she is the BEST. So sweet and fun. Dave sent me videos every week of the pups and was very informative when we met. I am so glad we got our pup from Hidden Pond Labs, thank you!!!!

Cynthia Johnson


This dog is the kindest most wonderful dog
We heard about Hidden Pond Kennels from a few people who have Labs.
Their bloodline is amazing,

I love how the owners stay in touch with us and want to know about their dogs

Jeff Bevino


The process to own a pure labrador puppy was met with a loving family who cares deeply for their offspring. Family is everything. In the future we plan to bring in an additional sister to our family for Sophia.

Terri Louise Alexander


We are so happy with Baxter. He is smart, healthy, and just has a wonderful personality! We could not be happier and are so excited for a lifetime of fun and adventure with Baxter!

Laurie and Hugh Siegner


From the day we picked up Willow, she has been everything Dave said she would be loving, easily trained, smart and the perfect energy level. She absolutely loves the outdoors with hiking and swimming, but then comes home and is perfectly content with snuggling up our lap for a nap. Willow is an absolute joy to have.

John LeClair


I adopted Talullah six years ago from Hidden Pond. In those years she has never had any of the health issues common to poorly bred labs. She has been the picture of good health. She has all of the wonderful qualities that labs are known for. A sweeter more loving dog does not exist.

Victoria Owca


We got Judge in May of 2017. We had just lost one of our labs in early March and also lost a very close friend on the same day. We, as a family, felt such a gap in our hearts, our other lab missed having a buddy. My dad found Hidden Pond Labs and fell in love instantly. On the day we picked him up, we were told by the breeders that “He had a personality on him, and he was going to be an attention-loving, people-dog. and Boy, was she right. She couldn’t have been more spot on. That’s when we knew that these breeders were so knowledgeable about their craft, and dog-breeding was there specialty. To this day, Judge is our (but really MY) best friend and his Non-stop love has given me endless happiness in the almost 3 years we’ve had him.

Highly recommend hidden pond!

Fallon Bevino


I got Coal in May 2018. I called the day he was born which I think was fate. He is wonderful dog. He was easy to house/ crate train. He is good with other dogs and great with my nieces and nephews. He loves any form of water. He is my best friend ❤️

Emily Nebzydoski


Very reasonable pricing beautiful breeding , we purchased a chocolate lab Who is 11 weeks old? He has brought a lot of light to our home. Couldn’t thank Hidden Ponds enough.

Dave and sherry loDuca


I received Champ as a pup from Danni and Thunder. He has been a joy, shortly after I brought him home at 8 weeks old, maybe a month later, I commanded him to sit just to see what he would do and do you know what he did? He sat! What a good observer as a puppy! He is eager to learn and please, he is an absolutely positive addition to our family! So glad we got him!

Elizabeth Maurer


Bella is 10 weeks now, cute, smart puppy!
Thank you Hidden Pond!!

Rob Ruzicka


Puppies so cute!!! Thank you Hidden pond labradors! We are love our Bella!

Elena Unishchikova


Murphy was picked up in October 2017 … he turned 2 in late August 2019.

Could not be happier! He has a wonderful heart, constantly gets compliments for his looks (his coat, his face, etc.). He was also an incredibly easy puppy to raise. Smart, quick learner, eager to please.

Hidden Pond Labradors was also a wonderful experience. They shared photos of the litter as I waited for pick up day, were incredibly prepared the day I showed up, and also available for guidance and advice the first couple months after I brought him home.

It takes so much effort not to sign up for another puppy from Hidden Pond. I’ll succumb to that desire again soon, I’m sure.

Ryan Haskins

Indiana Jones

Indy is 13 weeks old today and a big ball of love. His temperament is so mellow and calm and really takes direction well. His coat is gorgeous and has brought so much joy to our family. Dave and his family at Hidden Pond were so wonderful through the whole process, and we cannot wait to continue to get our animals from them in the future.

Alexandra Burke

Jackson Flash

Jackson Flash, from the Rosie and George lifter is just over 3 months now and we all have adjusted to one another beautifully! Jackson is now following simple commands such as sit, stay, lay down and come! We are working on speak and paw! He loves the cooling temps and he especially loved our weekend in the ADK. We couldn’t be happier with Hidden Pond Labs. Jackson is truly a beautiful dog and we get compliments constantly since we started taking him places with us. Dads new fishing buddy

Kristin Scheda

Luna Rose

Luna is 2 1/2 years old and beautiful. She is a favorite with the grandchildren and anyone who Mets her on her walks. She is playful and a wonderful addition to our family. Her coat is stunning, her vet loves her.

Colleen Pallotta


Haley is almost 4 months old,
healthy and happy.
So playful. She is fun to train with, she just loves to learn. She has taken her spot at the center of the family 🙂
We’re very thankful for her great start at Hidden Pond ~
She’s beautiful.

Rick and Mary Costa


A pup bred from Maria and Blake – Seamus brings energy, laughter, and love to our lives. His ability to listen and be trained so quickly makes it easy to trust him with our whole home – and he just turned a year old! We got him Memorial Day Weekend 2017. We will definitely be back in the future for more Hidden Ponds pups!!

The Walsh Family


Hidden Pond Labradors

Rudy is so funny and a great friend he loves snuggling and butt rub his parents are Nala and Danny born May 23 2016

If any brothers or sisters want to get in touch that is great

Elizabeth Wiese


Labrador Retriever Breeder

Boog is a pup from the Coco and Blake litter in August of 2016 and we couldn’t be happier. He is smart, handsome, and a giant snuggly lap dog. His abillity to learn quickly has made him a superb hunting buddy for my husband. He is a treasure.

Chessa Cutaiar

Buckeye and Scarlett

Hi Dave,

Bucky and Scarlett had a great fall season upland hunting! Both dogs have been great in the field and in our home! Thanks again for two great dogs!

Scott Barker


Hi Dave, just wanted to send an update. Bella has just turned two and has decided that she too loves to hunt. She has lots of energy and loves everyone! We just can’t say enough about how wonderful these labs are, Thanks again!



Hi Dave, just wanted to send you another update. Bentley recently turned two years old and is doing amazing. He is a natural hunter and always aims to please. He is a great big brother to Bella and an amazing protector for his little humans. Thanks again!



Hey Dave! Hope everyone is doing great. Just wanted to tell you what a handsome and sweet boy Charlie is. It will be a year in October since we picked up Charlie from Hannah and Expresso’s litter. Charlie has been a great puppy and is becoming a wonderful young man. He’s always happy, ready to play, and ready to give kisses. He has been the perfect addition to our family and always makes us laugh. His personality and temperament has made these past 10 months amazing. He’s such a smart pup, which made training a breeze. Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect puppy for my family!!!

Cynthia Mejia


We got hunter in June from your Teak x Expresso litter and we can’t thank you enough he is a wonderful dog who is full of energy! He was very easy to housetrain and loves to learn new tricks. Thank you so much!!



We just love our boy, Hal! We got him in October ’15 and he has the sweetest temperament. We hope to get a friend for him in the spring so we’ll be in touch. Thanks Dave!

Ron and Kristin Van Ormer


Dave, Here is a recent picture of Charlie (he is from Sandy and Thor’s June 2016 litter). He is a wonderful addition to our family. He is so smart and playful. He will be graduating from Obedience class next week and he is doing very well with his training. Thanks again for such a wonderful pup!

Terri Balzer


Hi Dave, just wanted to give you a quick update on Thor. He is from Cocos litter in February 2016,and I cant say enough about his personality and looks. He loves nothing more then to please and hunt. Hes about 10 months and full of drive to hunt and play. Thank you guys so much.

James Wipperman


Hi Dave, Just thought you would like to see an recent photo of Ava. She’s 10 months old now and is the perfect dog. She is so smart and trained easily. She is independent and steady. And that face!! We couldn’t be happier with her. Thank you!

Regina Barnas

Buckeye and Scarlett

Buckeye and Scarlett turn 10 months old this week and are doing great! They both are loving dogs as part of our family but have the drive and instincts to be great hunters! We have the best of both worlds! Thanks again! Scott and Julie Barker

Scott Barker


Stella is a wonderful addition to our family. She is so beautiful and has a wonderful personality. She is lovable but enjoys her independence. She loves being outside with her best friend Rue (Shih-poo).We can’t begin to thank Dave for the care, and attention he gives to all his labs. Thank you for our Stella!

Michael & Alberta Schiavo


I had got Tiko in April 2016 from Coco’s February liter. Tiko is now 8 months old and one of the best looking labs I have ever owned. Tiko has an incredible nose and instinct to hunt. He is currently going off to work with a professional gun dog trainer in PA. I can’t say enough about his temperament and personality. Thank you dave for a great pup!

Jerry Chasteen


Hi Dave, Madchen has been a great addition to our family. She has a great personality. She LOVES swimming and walking in the woods. She babysits the grandkids and they love her. Thanks for allowing us to adopt her.

Wayne Teeter


Hi David, My family and I adopted Lulu back in April 2016 ( Maria’s litter). She is a wonderful and smart dog. Lulu has been a wonderful addition to my family. She just finished level 1 of puppy training and was the smartest dog in class. Thank you so much for raising wonderful puppies. Karen



We got Stella from the July 2015 litter of Duchess and Thor. She is a wonderful girl, smart and easy going! Couldn’t ask for better temperament. She has taken to swimming like a pro. She is a fabulous addition to our family!

The Gleason Family


Hi Dave, I had to write to let you know that Ava is just wonderful. She is so smart and absolutely beautiful. She is a perfect fit for us and gets along great with our other dog. People stop me to look at her. She is growing fast and we are enjoying everyday with her. Thank you so much!!

Regina Barnas

Bentley & Bella

Just wanted to send you a quick update to let you know how the babies are doing. They have two weeks left of their first training class and they are doing great! Bella is finally staying awake for the whole class and Bentley is calming right down. Bella is a cuddler and prefers to be inside sitting on the couch with Haleigh or reading books with Wesley. Bentley loves to be outside running around and playing with sticks. We get compliments on them ALL THE TIME so your name comes up quite often! We forgot how much work puppies are but they are doing great and they have become best buds!



We bought a chocolate lab from you, we named him Chester… Just wanted to let you guys know, he’s turned into a handsome young man, and gets along tremendously with Daisy, our 200 pound mastiff female. They are inseparable and could not be better friends. Thanks so much



Healthy Black Lab Pup

Hope you are well. I just wanted to give you an update on Beaux, the black lab we adopted from you back in October. Well, she’s thriving and she’s been a wonderful addition to the family. She’s very good natured and sweet. Very bright and full of puppy mischief – likes to steal socks out of the laundry basket, or off your feet if you’re not paying attention! Here’s a some photos of her over the last few months.


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