Are Labrador Retrievers Good Watch Dogs for the Family?

Labrador Retrievers are some of the best family dogs to have by your side. They are very loving, gentle, friendly, and loyal when you build a relationship with them with you and your family. Many families would like a dog to kind of guard over the home, whether that would just be present in the home to ensure safety or a deterrent to any burglars. Having a dog in the home creates a deterrent for any burglar.

Labrador watch dog on sofa

Labrador Retrievers Have Energy and Awareness

Labrador Retrievers will not only bring your family so much joy, but they will also make sure to be on the lookout for those threats of squirrels and deer roaming around outside the home. If you’ve ever noticed someone’s Labrador barking out their window, it’s most likely because they saw a squirrel dash along a fence. You may have not even seen the squirrel.

This is a testament to them being alert and on the lookout at all times. As a watch dog or guard dog, you can count on a Labrador Retriever to alert you of any threats.

Guard Dogs vs. Watch Dogs

The difference between the two is the reaction to an intruder. Watch dogs are trained to alert homeowners of a threat and guard dogs are there to alert as well as neutralize the threat. Now, you can go the route of training your Labrador Retriever for this, but most homeowners count on their dog to be a natural watch dog to alert them of any threats.

Labradors you could say are natural watch dogs. Their character traits point to the fact that they are loyal and protective of their owners.

Why Choose Hidden Pond Labradors?

Acquiring a Labrador Retriever to be a watch dog should not be your only priority. Labrador Retrievers are the best family dogs. They care for the family, and they are loyal.

If you’re looking to bring a beautiful Labrador Retriever puppy home to your family, contact Hidden Pond Labradors at 607-857-1461 today or visit us online for more information!

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