Bad Habits and Your Labrador Retriever

Bringing a Labrador Retriever puppy home to your family can be very exciting, yet stressful because you’re bringing a new living thing into your home. Labrador Retrievers, like any other dog come with great responsibility. If you’re new to dog ownership, you may have some thoughts and worries about how you’ll get your puppy accustomed to your lifestyle. If you carry on bad habits in your own life, your dog could adopt those bad habits.

Labrador Retriever

Don’t Let Your Labrador Retriever Develop Bad Habits

There are plenty of bad habits that dog owners can get into with their dog, which in the long run can be extremely negative for the dog’s life.

  • Food & Nutrition – Feeding your Labrador Retriever the proper dog food is extremely important. Many dog owners like to feed table food to their dog. After some time, you can see a bad habit continue. This can be bad for a dog’s health and behavior.
  • Dog’s Status in the Home – This relates to your dog’s behavior in your home. There are minor acts that your dog can get accustomed to, which can become a bad habit. Leaping up onto the counter, laying on the furniture, sleeping in bed, and jumping up on people can be very bad for a dog’s growth and behavior. Now, some of these aren’t necessarily considered bad habits for some dog owners, such as sleeping in the same bed with you. Some dog owners don’t mind this, but for many new dog owners, some habits like these can get old. Trying to change those habits for the better can become tough to do.
  • Train Your Puppy to Live like You do – When you bring a Labrador puppy home, one thing you need to make sure is that you train your dog in relation to your lifestyle. The way you sleep, eat, work, and have a social life should be taken into account when training your puppy.

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