How to Get Your Labrador Retriever Off the Leash

Trusting your Labrador Retriever is key if you want them to be off the leash. A strong trusting relationship between you both has to be in place in order for this to happen. Here is how you can get to this point with your Labrador Retriever.

Child running with dog on the beach

Fenced in Yards and Dog Parks

If you have a good amount of land or a large fenced in yard, it’s good to let your dog roam free in the yard without a leash. This is one of the most important things to do when trying to train your dog to be off the leash. Playing fetch with them at fenced in parks and at home will help them be comfortable being themselves off the leash. Bringing treats for them also helps the progression of the training.

Make Sure They Have Good Behavior

This is important to establish before you take them to any public venue. Make sure they are well behaved around other dogs and people. If not, this is an important training task to take care of before you take them out to parks. An obedient Labrador Retriever will ultimately do much better off the leash at home or out in the public.

Your Personality and Your Dog’s Personality 

Every dog is different even if they are of the same breed. They have different personalities that determine their behavior around other people and at home. Your personality plays a major role in the development of your dog’s personality. They often mirror yours, so it’s important that your discipline and behavior is healthy for your dog. Check out how dogs’ personality reflects their owners’ personality.

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