Why is my Labrador Retriever Having Accidents in the House?

Sometimes are dogs have accidents in the house even when they are potty trained to go outside. There can be plenty of reasons why this is happening, which means it’s important to not panic because this can happen from time to time.

Health Problem

It’s important to clear this up right away. If you’re Labrador has been housetrained for several years, and usually goes to the bathroom outside, it’s good to have them checked by a vet for any health issues resulting in them going to the bathroom indoors all of a sudden. They could’ve eaten something that wasn’t good for them without you knowing.

Medical issues including UTI’s, bladder stones, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, etc. can affect their bathroom habits. It’s important to bring your Labrador to the Vet to rule these medical issues out, so you can figure out if there is another problem.


Sometimes your dog can have accidents while you’re not at home. This can be because your schedule has changed at work. They’re not used to being separated from you for certain amount of time, so separation anxiety might be the cause of accidents in the house.

There could even be a situation where you go on vacation for a week, and you have someone dog sit for you. Even though someone is there to take care of your dog, they could start going to the bathroom inside because of their separation anxiety since you’re not around.

There can be many causes of the accident problems with your Labrador. It’s important that you make sure nothing is medically wrong with your pet first, and then get down to the other behavioral problems.

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