Choosing a Labrador Breeder

The process of finding a reputable breeder that you can trust requires a lot of time and research. So, here are a few things that every prospective dog owner should keep in mind when selecting a dog breeder:

Labrador puppy running in the yard

Caring for Their Dogs the Right Way

The demeaner of your breeder and how they interact with the puppies will provide you with a solid impression of who they are as breeders, but another tell-tale sign is what the puppies are fed. When a breeder treats their puppies with kindness and love, you’re in good hands. At Hidden Pond Labradors, we look for only natural and wholesome foods that we can trust, and encourage the new owners of our pups to continue that effort with TLC Whole Life Dog Food.

Licensed with Certifications

There are definitely ways that aren’t legal to breed dogs. It’s important that you do your research diligently when looking for the right Labrador breeder. You may find cheaper ways, but they may not always be legal, which can be very bad. Make sure you’re asking the breeder about all of their certifications. Check to make sure they have a license and other documentation for legal purposes.

Knowledgeable about the Labrador Breed

At Hidden Pond Labradors, we are knowledgeable breeders that care for our pups as well as their moms on our 87-acre kennel. Our goal is to find only the best homes with loving families for our pups. That’s why we offer a one-year written health warranty for all of our puppies, who are also micro-chipped and will have already received their first shots and veterinarian health certificates before going home with you.

If you’re looking to bring home a Labrador to your family, go with the trusted Labrador breeder! Contact us at 607-857-1461 today to learn more about our chocolate, black and yellow Labrador puppies!



Keith Lauziere

I wanted to no when your next litter of chocolate labs are planned for and can i get on a waiting list for a puppy thank you Keith 6039865054

Hidden Pond Labradors

We don’t have a waiting list. We don’t have any dogs in heat nor bred at this time.


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