Rewarding Your Labrador at an Early Age

Dog training can be a difficult and daunting task, but it’s very important. When training your Labrador, it’s very important to be rewarding them when they behave well. Many dog owners get worried about disciplining their Labrador if they get into trouble often. Even though it’s important to teach them what’s right and wrong, you have to encourage good behavior, so rewarding them is essential to their training.

Labrador training

Reward Them with a Treat

Many dog owners use treats to get their puppy to behave. For example, if your puppy is stealing items in your home and running around with them, don’t turn to a treat to get them to give the item back. This creates a bad habit. Your Labrador will believe that if he or she steals something that you will always give them a treat if they give the item back. This is the opposite of when to give them treats. Rewarding good behavior is the best time to deliver a treat to them.

Teaching Them New Tricks

When learning new tricks, it’s important to treat them when they do the trick right. Don’t encourage them with a trick that fails. You have to encourage them to keep going. This is a great exercise for the both of you because you can take these tricks out in the world for other people to see. If your dog is disciplined, they should be rewarded for their behavior and focus.

Potty Training Outside

Everyone understands that having a puppy in the house can bring quite the mess. Potty training them is something you must work on at all times. You will experience them going to the bathroom in the house. The time to reward them is when you take them outside to do their business. When they do go outside and go to the bathroom, reward them with a treat or a healthy snack. This will teach them that they need to use the outdoors instead of the inside.

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