Keep Your Labrador Happy!

It can be tough owning and taking care of a Labrador Retriever. Labradors are extremely friendly and loving dogs, and they love to play and exercise. You have to make sure you’re keeping them happy by getting out and staying active.

close-up of a Labrador RetrieverTips on keeping your dog happy and healthy:

  • Exercise Your Dog – Get outside and be active. Take your lab to the dog park, go for a run, play fetch, and walk your dog twice a day. This will be beneficial for you and your dog because you will also be getting out and staying active.
  • Spend time with them – You may get distracted with daily life, whether that’s work, family, dating, etc. Don’t let that get in the way of spending time with your lab. Take time during the day to not only stay active and play with your dog, but to just relax with them.
  • Travel with them – There is no better travel buddy than a dog. Take a short road trip somewhere and bring them along. This is a bonding moment you will always remember and enjoy.
  • Healthy eating – Make sure to feed your dog their own food. Give them treats, but don’t feed them from the table. They will get into the habit of eating human food, which will not be great for them.
  • Clean Regularly – Clean your dog often because they will get smelly and dirty. Use a wash cloth and towel to get rid of the dirt. You can buy dog wipes for this. You don’t have to give your dog a bath regularly, but make sure to make time to bathe them occasionally, especially in the Summer when they are active playing outside. In the other seasons, make sure to wipe them down with a wash cloth and towel when they come into the house.

Hidden Pond Labradors

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