Why Labrador Retrievers are Good Family Dogs

Having a Labrador as a family is an incredible experience. Labrador Retrievers are amazing family dogs, and we want you to know why they are.

Labradors as good family dogsLabrador Retriever Behavior

Labs have low aggression, even though they are highly energetic when playing. This is good if you have kids because labs always want to play and have fun. Plus, they will get the exercise they need with your family.

Labs tend to be very friendly, even with people they have never met, so don’t count on them being a good guard dog for your home. They are kind and gentle towards children, which is a relief because young children like to pull and climb on dogs. Usually they will be open to the playfulness of your children. They also are a type of dog that loves attention, which means they will be a great part of the family.

Labs are very smart dogs, They are trainable, and they are considered the number one breed for search and rescue dogs. If you’re looking for a well-behaved dog, labs are willing to learn new tricks lessons.

What They Need

Labs need exercise because they are a very active breed. Regular walks, as well as playing fetch or going to dog parks are the best for this breed. Having a Labrador as a young family will be good for everyone because it will help everyone stay active outside. Labs do shed quite a bit, so having their coat all over the house means they play a big role as a family member.

You will love your Labrador retriever if you have a family. They are even-tempered dogs, who just want to be loved as a member of your wonderful family.

Hidden Pond Labradors

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