The Importance of Training Your Labrador to Retrieve

Labrador Retrievers are the best dogs around, especially when it comes to families. They are some of the most loving and friendly dogs out there, but they still need to be trained. Different dog breeds have different ways of being trained. Many dog owners looking for Labradors make the mistake of thinking that they’re naturally good retrievers. Even though they’re retrievers, they still need to be trained to retrieve.

Woman training Labrador to retrieve

Proper Training for Labs to Retrieve

Labrador Retrievers like to grab items and put them in their mouth. Many dogs do this, but not all of them will let go right away. For them to retrieve and play fetch, dog owners should know that they can’t just expect them to do that. They must be trained to go and retriever something.

Most retrievers make it a game to hold onto something without bringing it back to you, which also includes things they shouldn’t have. Many Labrador owners make the mistake of teaching their dog to play keep away, rather than fetch and retrieve. Not every dog owner will know this, which is okay. We’re here to try and inform you and make sure you can have an easier time training them to retrieve.

Manipulating Their Natural Behavior

If you don’t manipulate their natural ‘hold stuff in mouth’ behavior, chances are they’ll use it against you most of the time. It will turn into a game of keep away for them, and this is never a good time for you. It’s fairly easy to train them to fetch and retrieve, but you have to do it properly. When they don’t give back the item, they won’t get rewarded.

If you have this understanding about Labrador Retrievers, you’ll be able to go into the training with more knowledge on their behavior.

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